Save Your Fairgrounds

Now is the time for you to be a hero.

Step up to save the Del Mar Fairgrounds

A few short months ago, planning for the best San Diego County Fair yet was well underway. Now, the community’s beloved Fairgrounds faces potential closure without the emergency funding it desperately needs to survive this crisis. From creating cherished family memories and generating $680 million in economic impact, to serving as an essential evacuation site during wildfires and providing nearly 4,000 full-time-equivalent jobs, losing the Fairgrounds would leave a giant void in San Diego as we know it.

How can this happen?

Although the Fairgrounds is owned by the State of California, its operations are entirely self-funded, meaning it relies on event revenues to operate. With the postponement or cancellation of all events over the past 3+ months including the 2020 San Diego County Fair, its revenue streams have been severely depleted. Without the requested $20 million in relief aid from the State of California to get through this rough patch, the Fairgrounds will potentially have to close its doors.

Don’t let this happen.

Save Your Fairgrounds by letting your government officials know the dynamic impacts this space holds in San Diegans’ hearts.

Together, we can save the Fairgrounds for generations to come.

How Can I Help?

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What can I do to help?


Gavin Newsom

of California

Nancy Pelosi

Speaker, U.S. House
of Representatives

Todd Gloria

California State Assembly
78th District

Toni Atkins

President pro Tempore
California State Senate

Mike Levin

California State Assembly
49th District

Kristin Gaspar

Board of Supervisors
District 3

“I don’t remember a year in my adult life where I didn’t work the fair, so I’m not sure what to do with myself in June…

I just can’t imagine life without the San Diego County Fair.”

Charlie Bogosian
Chicken Charlie’s